All about Grave Stones for Pets.

The loss of a lovely pet is a painful event. Indeed, for years we’ve been dealing with this being and when it comes to leave us, the process of mourning is very trying. More and more services are being put in place to offer your companion funerals worthy of love that you have for your lovely pet in particular through the laying of a tombstone in a cemetery devoted to animals.

The burials for cats and dogs

As with humans, these monuments are infinitely customizable, depending on the species of your animal, the degree of attachment you have and your budget.
Some people will choose very simple burials while others will prefer the complete reproduction of their loved ones.
The tomb can be simply a tombstone (horizontal flat stone covering the burial) or be completed with a stele (vertical part). The materials used most often are granite (pink, black or gray), marble or stone.
Prices can vary from single to triple depending on your request.

The ornaments

As for humans, there are many items that will decorate your pet’s grave.

Of course we find the funeral plaque, there are many on which you can write a personalized message and choose an image corresponding to your dog or any other pet you have to bury.
You can also write a sentence or poem directly on the stele and then illustrate it by engraving a photo of your fellow on all fours. What a great homage to him.

Cemeteries for animals

The law does not allow to be buried with his pet in a cemetery and it is also prohibited to bury them in a public and private place (garden) that is why many cemeteries for dogs have appeared in recent years . These cemeteries allow families to come and collect themselves with dignity on the burial of their pet.

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